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“You will always act in a manner that is consistent with the way you define yourself”

Marisa Peer

About Els Bosma: Rapid Transformational Therapist & Positive Psychology Coach

You have a successful career as a manager for many years and suddenly you stumble. For example, you end up in a position that turns out not to suit you. Or you are leading a project that, in retrospect, will never work out. You work hard and try to hold your own, but you can’t keep it up. And then? You get burnt out. You feel that you have failed. Fortunately, you get help and eventually you just go back to work. But it is not that simple. That burnout has really knocked you back. You function again, but you are not back to your confident self.

It is surprising how strongly we identify ourselves with the things that have gone wrong in our lives. You can be successful for years and then get bogged down by that one thing that went wrong. And then it takes over your life. Everything that went well all these years seems to have disappeared from your life. Apparently, You start to believe that after a burnout you will never be like you were before.

I now know that is not true. You too can regain your strength and confidence.

RTT Therapist

From burnout to Rapid Transformational Therapist

Hi, I am Els and I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist and a Positive Psychology Coach. I have experienced what it is like to end up in a burnout. My career looked great. I worked as a biologist for the UN in Africa and after that I got great management positions in the Netherlands, the US and the United Kingdom. I was always asked to set up new things: teams, products, projects and business models.

But after 16 years, I crashed hard when I took a new job and ended up in a department where there was a huge battle with headquarters. . And well, no surprise; I did not succeed at all. And instead of asking for help, I kept thinking I could handle it on my own and that I would make this job a success like my previous ones.

I was wrong. I ended up in a big burnout. I got help and eventually went back to work. But it didn’t go well at all. The burnout was over, but I didn’t feel like I used to. I was insecure. Previously I rolled up my sleeves for every new challenge, but now I tried to avoid them. I was too careful. And my environment treated me that way. Actually, I had become a completely different person, and not in a good way. I started looking for a different position within the company, but I didn’t get anywhere, and they used to want me everywhere! Fortunately, I quickly found a new job outside the company, but that didn’t give me back my self-assuredness. Nor did I feel like my old self again. In fact, the insecurity I felt since the burnout, only got wors in the new job. So when I quit my job for the second time within a year, I realised I had to start working on myself.

I sought help from my doctor, took courses, and read one self-help book after another, but I didn’t regain my old confidence. Finally I tried Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). And it changed my life. I knew: I want to do more with this. I went to London to becomes a Rapid Transformational Therapist with the person who developed RTT: Marisa Peer. After a year I was an Approved Therapist (only the second in the Netherlands) and started my own practice to help other successful managers regain their confidence. And now I see every day how RTT helps my customers the way it helped me.

“I liked Els’ warmth and open style. It always felt like I was talking with an old friend vs. a therapist. She knew what exercises to use or what to say to help me unlock the full experience and realizations.”


What does a Rapid Transformational Therapist do?

Marisa Peer has become known worldwide through . Therapy and hypnosis are often only about “learning” positive thoughts and habits. As an RTT therapist, I also dive deep into the cause of your problem with you. Where is it from? How did you take it with you for the rest of your life? Under hypnosis you break through your problem and replace it with a positive pattern. Using RTT we influence how your body and your brain respond to certain situations.

You will notice a huge difference after just one session with an RTT therapist. I had never experienced such a feeling of freedom before. A world opened up to me. I felt stronger than ever and even better than before my burnout. I was able to release my fear and uncertainty. And I want that feeling for you too.

RTT Therapist

“If you wear certain masks or have automatic reactions that prevent you from growing or taking hold, this therapy is very helpful. Look at yourself honestly and dare to let go and trust.”


Find out what your strengths and qualities as a woman are

In theory everyone has equal rights and deserves equal opportunities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in practice, especially in business. There are many women in middle management, but as soon as you go 1 level higher, you see many more men. Why? The general idea is that women don’t want to go higher. Or that they are not good enough, because men are better leaders. That is nonsense, of course. There is a prevailing sexist attitude  and we women are held back by it.We also allow ourselves to remain behind: can I handle it? What if I fail? What will they think of me? And that is such a shame, because you also deserve to get the most out of your career. To be confident in the workplace.

That’s why as a coach and RTT therapist I focus on successful and ambitious women like you. You want more, but you have self-doubt. Or you are stuck in your work due to a burnout. I combine my past as a manager and director and my experiences with burnout, with the enormous power of RTT. In this way, we will work together to ensure that you fully believe in yourself again, are brimming with energy and you know exactly what you want in life.

“Els is a warm, positive and strong woman. She does her job with obvious passion! This therapy definitely made the trip to Amsterdam worthwhile! ”


Do you want to know more about my work as a RTT therapist or coach?

Book an appointment and we will discuss what you want to achieve and what options there are for you.


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Certified Rapid Transformational Therapeut
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