What do you do when you realize that you and your current position aren’t a great fit? 

We all have good days and bad at work, however, when the bad days outnumber the good, you may want to take a moment and evaluate the situation. After all, there could be a few very good reasons for you to stay with your current company. 

What should you do, before you decide that you really want to call it quits? 

Contemplating the implications of throwing in the towel could be as emotionally draining as staying in that position. How do know you make the right decision to look for a new position?


The trick is simple: shift your perspective! Here are three simple steps to achieve that.


Step 1: Set your intention for the day

If you already have a diary or a daily to-do list, use that one. If you haven’t one yet, get one.  And get a notebook you love to make sure you use it. As part of your morning routine and just before you boot up your computer, take five minutes to reflect on what you can do to get the most out of this coming day. 

What do you want to achieve today? Write it down and set mini milestones. Do this every day for the next month. See that, with your focus on what you really want to achieve that day, you achieve it!


Step 2: Build on your strengths, not weaknesses 

In your efforts to meet your daily intention, focus your energy and thoughts on what you can do and control, and not on what you can’t do or control. This approach will help take your focus off those things that you can’t control. Consequently, your attention will move away from those elements that drain you and lessen your interest in your job. Instead, you will start to seek out opportunities that you do control. And what you control, you can achieve. In due time, attention to your achievements will build confidence in your actions and abilities. This in return will rekindle your love for your job. 


Step 3: Pause and Re-evaluate

When you have shifted your focus on all that you can achieve, you see things have changed; they feel different. Suddenly you see everything you can do in your current position, and that gives you energy and builds your confidence. This is a cause for celebration because you just saved yourself a whole lot of time and energy that you may have spent on finding a new job.


Through the process of introspection and self-discovery, you shaped your job in a way that meets your needs and matches your personality. You learned you are capable of enjoying your job and shaping it to keep you happy, challenged, and engaged.




In case you still feel the same, and you still think that you and your current position aren’t a good match, then it is time to explore other alternatives. Now you have truly earned your way out of your job.


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Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash