About my RTT network

About my Rapid Transformational Therapy network

Why a network? a) I can’t be everywhere all the time and b) sometimes you need something different. For example, as well as English, Lena speaks German and is based in Munich. Helen is based in the UK and offers past-life regression. Maria is based in California and frees women of childhood trauma. And Judith balances your nervous system in both English and Spanish and is based in Tenerife. I have amazing successes and so do these colleagues.

RTT Therapist

Lena Büchele

Lena Büchele is passionate about working with everyone who wants to overcome their blockages, confusion and inner-struggles to live a life in harmony with themselves. She leads her clients directly to the root of their problem, so that they can solve it. In a trustful, non-judgemental and supportive setting where all feelings are welcome. She was personally trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer and has a master´s degree in education, psychology and sociology.  Lena offers sessions in English and German, via Zoom or in person in Munich.

You can find more about Lena Büchele’s work here. 

Helen Hardware

Helen Hardware is a spiritual hypnotherapist and the Soulful Confidence Coach in the UK. She works internationally with spiritual entrepreneurs to heal blocks from their past lives and present life so they can feel deeply worthy of their work at a soul-aligned level. Helen helps her clients to unleash the confidence to get visible in an authentic way so they can make their unique impact in the world without limits.

You can find more about Helen Hardware here.

Helen Hardware
Maria Jansson

Maria Jansson

Maria Jansson, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Alignment Coach, Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator, and Inner-Child-Work Specialist, helps soul-ful women and entrepreneurs thrive in business, life, and love by freeing them from childhood trauma so they can reclaim their self-worth, own their confidence, and finally alchemize their past into inner peace, success, and abundance. She is immensely passionate about guiding her clients back to the truth of who they are and always were meant to be. Even through the hardest life experiences, the essence of who we are can never be broken or taken away. She feels deeply honored to be able to offer her clients real transformation and freedom, fast. Maria works internationally in a global practice with her clients in English and German.

You can connect with Maria Jansson via this link. 


Judith McFadden

Judith McFadden is a physiotherapist that has worked for more than 20 years  with the mind body connection. She helps women using RTT, amongst other tools, to balance their nervous system, regain their self confidence and claim their lives, by helping them to ask for what they need. Uncovering their root causes of self doubt often coupled with chronic physical issues. We release them from traumas by showing their nervous system and subconscious mind that they are now safe.  

You can connect with Judith McFadden vía her web site. Judith works in English and Spanish

Judith McFadden

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