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Coaching for executive managers

6-month Program: Fun, Flow and Fulfilment =

coaching for executive managers

As a manager you have already followed quite a few training courses. Coaching for executive managers is really not new to you and you have already learned a lot about your management skills, your qualities and your responsibilities. By now you know how to do it all. You lead a team and everything is going well.

And then you have a promotion opportunity. Great, because you want to be higher up. But it is also stressful. Because then you would become the manager of your colleagues, who are also managers. You have colleagues  you are in awe of, because they know exactly what they are doing. What if you become their manager? Uncertainty strikes. Can you do that? And will they accept you as their manager? Last week you were complaining about the boss at the coffee machine. Will they soon be complaining about you?


Are you looking for a management coach that can help you with this?

  • You want to be higher up, idea of managing your current colleagues.
  • You are thinking about applying for a good position at another company, but you are not sure.
  • You feel stressed as soon as a promotion comes into view.
  • You have already avoided promotions or another job because you think it would be too challenging.
  • You have doubts about your management capabilities.
  • You are going to work harder and harder to prove yourself.
  • You dread going higher because it is male-dominated world.
  • You want more skills as a people manager.
  • You want to develop your personal leadership, but you do have not found a suitable
Coaching for managers

Coaching for female executive managers

It would be great to  get some extra support in this next step in your career. And to know exactly how to survive as a woman at the top. Getting everything done on your own is harder than you think. And it is not exactly fun. With my coaching program for female executive managers you get exactly the help you need, so you get the most out of yourself and you go to the next level in your career with confidence and with many practical tools.

coaching for managers

Who am I?

Hi, I am Els. And I know better than anyone: the more senior you are, the harder it is  to the next step. And managing managers is very different from leading a team.

In addition, we women tend to hold ourselves back. We wonder if we can do it, while that male colleague just grabs his promotion and thinks: it will all work out. So: the higher you go in an organization, the fewer women you see.

With my many years of experience as a manager and director at large companies – both in the Netherlands and abroad – and now as a coach, I know exactly what you will encounter. That is why I can help you to really believe in yourself and confidently make the next step in your career.

“To this day if I’m faced with a tricky management situation, I ask myself: ‘What would Els do?’”

Liz Smith

Own your female leadership and become a real people manager

Stop holding yourself back and embrace your female leadership. You are good enough. You deserve success and confidence in yourself. We will work on this together in my 6-month coaching program Fun, Flow and Fulfillment. And that will bring you all this:

  • You feel confident as an executive manager.
  • You enter into a conversation with others with confidence.
  • You no longer shy away from a promotion.
  • You know exactly what you are capable of.
  • You know what you want to achieve and how to get there.
  • You know how to manage in a way that suits you.
  • You handle criticism well.
  • You can cope with the stress of a job interview
  • You feel completely in your element at work.
  • You are happy at home, because you no longer have stress at work.
  • You sleep well again, because you are no longer worrying and fretting.
  • You state your limits simply and and clearly: so far and no further.
  • You set a good example, at work, but especially at home.



    Fun, Flow and Fulfilment: coaching for female executives

    With my coaching program, you get a unique combination of coaching and career advice. The coaching process takes 6 months in which you have a conversation with me every 2 weeks. I tailor these conversations entirely to you. We will go a lot deeper than with a  “standard” management coach We will work out which areas you want to develop in further Where do you need some extra support? What do you want to achieve? After all, you already have experience as a manager and you know how it works. We are looking at you and at the uncertainties that you have now that you want to take a new step. What are you comparing yourself with? What are you afraid of? What do you really want?

    So we are going to work in a concrete way with the things that you encounter in your work as a manager. This way we dive deep into your professional development. We bring out your best potential so that you become a super good people manager. We have a coaching conversation every 2 to 3 weeks, so you really have time to apply the things we discuss in your life. You can come to my practice in Amsterdam for the coaching conversations, but you can of course also use Zoom.

    “I immediately felt at ease with Els and had a feeling of ‘coming home’ with her. Her positive approach and energy, her persuasion and the confidence she had in the whole process also gave me confidence.”


    Become a people manager full of confidence

    Discover your potential with my coaching Fun, Flow and Fulfilment Program. In 6 months you will say goodbye to self-doubt and stress and learn how to use your female leadership and become a great people manager.

    You can follow this coaching program on its own, but it is also perfect as a follow-up to the 4-week program Setting yourself up for success, fast!. In that program, we work on your uncertainties at a deeper level and breakthrough your negative beliefs and patterns with Rapid Transformational Therapy. Then we will move on to the coaching program Fun, Flow and Fulfilment. By combining both programs, you will achieve even better results and prepare yourself for a more successful career.


    Fun, Flow & Fulfilment

    Complete coaching for managers:

    6 months of interactive, growth mind stimulating, coaching
    Every two weeks another step towards making your biggest dreams a reality, so you can achieve ulitmate success and freedom on your terms!
    Normally: € 3450 excl. ( = 6 payments of € 575 excl.)
    Discount price if paid in one go:

    € 2997 excl.

    The combination program

    “Setting yourself up for success”  plus “Fun, Flow and Fulfilment”

    We start with the 1-month-program: ‘Setting yourself up for succes, fast!’
    Then the 6-month follow-up program (yes, SIX!) : ‘Fun, Flow and Fulfilment'
    Normally together: € 4230 excl.  (= 6 easy payments of € 705 excl.)
    Combination price for both programs if paid in full:

    € 3750 excl

    Are you ready to get the most out of your career?

    Book your first appointment right away, so that you can take your confidence and your personal leadership to the next level.

    This is what other people are saying about my management skills:

    “Working for Els (or rather, working with Els) was a joy. Els trusted the colleagues she worked with. She had the ability to build a team of specialists, which gave her freedom to do their job as she saw fit. Her analytical skills were (are) great. That, combined with the ability to think in solutions, meant that we managed a lot with a small team.”

    Lydia Tacx

    “Els knows all about the practicalities of management and she puts them to excellent use. But her ability to empathize with and include her colleagues is what makes her stand out. She welcomes diverse opinions, actively looks for constructive criticism and takes her own and others’ development seriously. During my time working with Els, I benefited from her wise advice, humor and warmth more than once.”

    Liz Smith

    What would make you unsuitable for this coaching?

    • If you have no experience as an executive manager.
    • If you don’t feel like working on personal development.
    • If you don’t want to dive into your own insecurities.
    • If you are not ambitious.
    • If you don’t like a no-nonsense approach.
    • If you are not willing to go to work.

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