Do you have a so-called Radio-Boss? Then it’s time to look for a new job!

If you are struggling with the question: “When will I know it’s time to find another job?’’, I am sharing a golden piece of advice with you. If you have a boss who only sends (demands) and never receives (listens), you should realize that such people function basically like a radio. Whatever you tell them, it’s like they are on another planet. They don’t listen. So how do you deal with this type of situation?

Believe it or not, life is not all bad if you happen to have a boss who knows it all. If this boss just hands out comments and demands at you but doesn’t listen to what you have to say in return, you could potentially relax. Because such behaviour could actually make your life a bit easier.

First, assess your situation: are you in control of how and when you do your work? In other words, do you feel freedom and autonomy at work?

Then you are ok! If you are with your ‘radio-boss’, all you need to do is to put your mind on pause and simply listen to what they have to say. You don’t have to worry about how to reply because they’re not receiving it anyway.

And, actually, there may be some really good advice you can glean from their message. So, if your boss tells you what end results she expects from you, while you stay in control of how you do your work, and also when you do it, you can stay where you are. Provided you like your job, of course. Autonomy at work is one of the most important pillars of Job Satisfaction.

But, if your boss happens to be one of those sending bosses and you don’t have autonomy: then you are in a difficult position. You will have to deal with a tough situation in which your boss just gives you a lot of stuff to do without allowing a proper discussion on how or when or what to do (or not do). The potential result: total work overwhelm! If this is your situation, well then perhaps it is time for you to look for another job.

Do you have one of those radio-bosses? You know, the one who sends and does not receive? Are you struggling with your boss about your autonomy in the workspace? You may want to consider looking for another job. I’m the career queen who can help you do this. Simply start by booking a free Discovery Call. You can read more about me here.


Photo link: Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash