Even Albert Einstein can be wrong…
Because according to him, if you have not already made a groundbreaking contribution before the age of 30, you will never do it. Well, fortunately it appears that nothing could be further from the thruth. Albert Barabási explains that you can peak during your entire career. So, know that it is not your age that makes you feel that your career is finished. But what does, then? It’s your own mindset! If you can break through your limiting belief that your career is over, you can achieve your best success at any time in your career. And Rapid Transformational Therapy is the right tool to help you with that!!

Even Albert Einstein can be wrong!

Albert Einstein famously said that if you haven’t made your great contribution to science before the age of 30, you will never do so….   In other words, you’re either successful at the very beginning of your career or accept that you never will be successful at all.

But was he right?

Was the great Albert Einstein correct in his conclusion? Not according to another scientist: as Albert-Lásló Barabási explains in his recent TED Talk, the data wasn’t correctly interpreted. In fact, (this) Albert says, if you would look at all the data and take in all the variables, you’ll see that success can come at any time in your career!

Nothing to do with your age!

So, if you feel stuck in your career, if you see no movement in the right direction, know that it isn’t your age that is stopping you. On the contrary. It turns out that the older you get, the more likely you are to be successful at all the things you do.

So, what is, then?

So why does it feel you are stuck in your career then? It turns out that your very own (limiting) belief that your career is over is actually holding you back. The belief that tells you “You’re over the hill, you are no longer that young, energetic, go-getter that automatically tumbles from one success into the next.”

Not “in spite of”, but actually “because”

You want to break through that (limiting) belief? You want to be that person who is successful, not in spite of, but actually because of your age and experience? I’m on my third career today. I’ve started as a scientist, working for the United Nations. Following that, I moved to the corporate world, where making money was the holy grail. And now I’m a therapist, helping people to break through their (limiting) beliefs that is holding them back from living the life they want, the life they deserve.

Albert’s example

I’m the walking talking example Albert Barabási is talking about: my success wasn’t just in my late twenties and early thirties. It was also in my forties in my second career, and now, in my fifties, I’m again going for gold. But note, I’ve redefined my success. It isn’t defined in money. It is expressed in what I can do for my clients. How I help them to reach what they want, when and how they want it.

And what about you?

Curious if you can break through your (imiting) beliefs and proof Albert-Lásló right? Check out Cloud Busting Therapy, and book a call with me.

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