Help, I am stuck in my job!

After years of great performance which led to some beautiful promotions, you are now in a place where you don’t like your job anymore. Where, to be honest, you are not at your best either. You may wonder where your self-confidence has gone? Do you recognize this? Then perhaps you suffer from The Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle is named after the Canadian Laurence J. Peter. He devised this theory in 1969 to explain why, despite – or rather, thanks to – multiple promotions, someone ultimately ends up in a position where they no longer function well. Why?  Simply, because you get the promotion based on your performance in your previous job and not because you have the specific skills needed for the new position.

Every time you get a promotion, other skills are required, such as management or organizational skills. It may be that you manage quite well in the beginning, but eventually, after several promotions, you find that you mainly do work that does not suit you well. That is where the problem begins, for both you and the employer. You no longer perform the way you did in your previous jobs, lose the pleasure in your work and worse, you lose your self-confidence. Your employer, on the other hand, has not only lost a well-functioning employee but also gained a poorly performing one. Returning to the position in which you did very well is often not an option for either party. Applying for another position within the company proves to be difficult because you are now assessed on your current performance. The result: you are stuck.

Don’t worry, you are not the first and certainly not the last to experience this. I am happy to help you overcome The Peter Principle with the coaching program Fun, Flow and Fulfilment. Together we ensure that you’ll take the next step in your career with confidence. 

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 Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash