That is the question I ask myself: why do I now believe that my current (slim) body is permanent while I never thought that before? And that I can now give away all my old and oversized clothing? I never did that before. Sure, there have been several times in the past that I lost a few pounds, sometimes even more than just a few. And then I had clothes that were clearly too big for me. And yet, I never gave them away, I never donated them to a good cause, and I certainly never just threw them away. No, I hung them in the back of my closet, unconsciously thinking “I’ll need this later” …

Later always comes earlier than one thinks

And yes, that later always came much earlier than I expected. Before I knew it, I pulled those pants out of the back of my closet. Cause they were definitely more comfortable than those of a size smaller .. sigh … How could that be? How could I never believe that – if I had achieved a lower weight by eating and living much more healthier – I would retain that lower weight? Well, have you ever heard of “self-fulfilling prophecy”? Well, I’m so aware of that now!

Where do I belong then?

By always thinking I will need those larger clothes again, I unconsciously made sure that I would indeed need those clothes again. With my thoughts I let my body (unconsciously) to the size and weight that I thought ‘belonged to me’.

And now?

And now? Yes, not anymore! I have learned two things in the past year: 1 I get what I predict, and 2: I deserve a better body! Everyone knows the term ” self-fulfilling prophecy”, or if you don’t know it literally, you know or can sense the meaning behind it: everything you expect will come true. Because you work towards it yourself, unknowingly. But that second discovery was really new to me. Of course I think for myself that I deserve all the beauty of the world – rationally. But emotionally? And there it is: the fact that you yourself formed convictions about yourself in your youth, through events that you experienced, conversations that you heard / had with people who influence you, and formed self-image issues about yourself give you the body that belongs to those beliefs.

Why always size 46 (3XL) again?

I always thought that I had really earned every cake, every candy, every treat. The sun was shining: it deserved a cake, a stranger smiled at me in the street: I had to treat myself to celebrate that, I reached a goal (lost 10 pounds, for example): well ironically, I really felt I deserved to treat myself with all the best food available. You understand, I took every opportunity to celebrate. With delicious treats. And that pattern ensured that I always, without any delay, returned to my trusty size 46 (3XL).

Then why do I know that isn’t the case anymore for me?

The big answer for me came with therapy. Yes, good-old-fashioned therapy. Who would have thought that for losing weight one needs therapy? I certainly didn’t. But nothing turned out to be further from the truth: because I discovered through the therapy which emotions and thoughts fed my eating habits, I could finally shed that old eating pattern. And boy what a relieve that has given me!

What held me back?

What was my limiting belief that led me to size 46 every time? I had built up an old belief in my youth that I could only make myself feel special if I treated myself (with delicious treats). And feeling special if, for example, someone did something nice for me, or if I got attention from someone I was looking up to, or if it was just a beautiful day, I couldn’t do it without having something tasty to eat. Now that I know this, I have been able to break through this old belief and replace it with a much better new one: I am (just like everyone else!) special. And I don’t need any good food to know that.

What about you?

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