How to turn your Discomfort into your Comfort Zone

A career change, even just a shift in your daily work routine, can often move you from a comfortable state to an uncomfortable one. A change like this means a total switch from what is easy, familiar and comfortable to something that is challenging. When this happens, quitting is not an option. Instead, adopting an ideal approach to turn discomfort into comfort can be very rewarding.

Try this brain hack to transform your discomfort into a comfort zone, perhaps even a place of growth. How can you do this?

Leave your comfort zone

We all know real growth occurs when you get out of your comfort zone. When you challenge yourself beyond belief, you grow. When you take on that new job, receive a promotion, or tackle a new project, you may feel uncertain at the beginning, maybe even scared; all sorts of emotions are brewing on the inside. 

Quite a few people stop before they even start, because they believe that voice inside their head is saying, “I don’t think you can do that.”

Trick your brain into believing in yourself

Taking that next big step, even though you feel anxious about it, will enable you to grow. 

We are here to help you take the jump and grow. Try this brain hack that will make taking that leap easier. 

It all starts with viewing the process from the outside. Take it as an experiment. See everything you do outside of your comfort zone as an experiment. 

Here is the funny thing; every time you look at something as an experiment, you focus on the process, regardless of the outcome. You are more interested in things like: What is happening? How is it affecting you? How are your colleagues responding if you take this type of action? How is your team doing? What are the results? 

By treating the new challenge as an experiment, you take your focus away from the desired outcome. By shifting the focus from something that scares you and makes you feel uncertain if you can actually reach it, the shift redirects your attention to the experiment itself, the process. In this way, you can make that process part of your comfort zone.

Aim for familiarity

Be sure to keep your focus on the process, even more so when your inner voice is still too scared of the outcome (that new job and/or responsibility). That voice is trying to keep you inside your comfort zone, the spot where you feel safe. However, there is no growth inside your comfort zone.  

Each time you face a challenge and approach it from a place of experimentation, the process of creating experiments becomes familiar. Familiarity is what you want to achieve. Once that process is familiar, it doesn’t matter how scary the thing you’ve been asked to do is, or how scary the outcome of the next job is; you’re going to do it anyway. The process you need to follow is already a familiar process for you. It is now within your comfort zone! 

Do you have a goal of expanding your comfort zone or branching out into new comfort zones? Do you need some help finding your way as you start this process? Book a Discovery Call and let’s have a chat. You can read more about me here.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash