Three Steps to Help You Regain Motivation  

Remember how you once had a strong drive to stand out in your job and be successful? You were that person whose ideas inspired team projects, providing clarity and direction. But today, you’ve lost that drive, that desire and fire and now you only provide the barest minimum required.

It is obvious you’ve lost your motivation. I know it can feel isolating once you reach that point, however, you are not alone. Staying motivated is a challenge for many people. The good news is there are ways to turn the situation around. A great technique is to train your mind to sieve out negative elements and focus on the positive ones. Here is how this technique works.

Step 1: Realize what you are focusing on

Maybe you work for an organization where your boss observes and controls every detail of your work. She or he may be the type of boss who highlights every mistake you make or questions your approach to work. This is called micromanagement and can cause you to develop low morale.

Another strong demotivator is colleagues who undermine your self-worth by constantly excluding you from important information. Perhaps those same colleagues that gossip behind your back. All these elements create a toxic work environment where you feel not welcome.

Do you realize you are focusing on things you have no control over? You can’t control your micromanaging boss. You can’t control what your colleagues do or say. The result of you focusing on all of these problems or challenges is that you see it even more.

What you think of, you see more of. For instance, if you are thinking about starting a family, chances are you will see pregnant women all around you. Yes, and this is because you’ve ‘told your brain’ to focus on starting a family, so your brain gives that back by paying attention to pregnant women that you would have previously ignored.

So, if you notice your boss is micromanaging you, that’s all you see. When you get to this point, you feel trapped. However, the road does not end here. You can set yourself free by re-focusing your thoughts.

Step 2: Control the situation from the inside by redirecting your focus

Now the good thing is that even though you can’t control everybody around you, including your micromanaging boss, you can control yourself. More precisely, you can control what you focus on. Knowing that you can control what you focus on, and knowing that you’ll see more of the thing you focus on, you are really left with one option: all you need to do is intentionally focus on the positive.

Step 3: Focus on the good stuff and watch that grow

Make an effort to start your day on a positive note. You can talk with that colleague you really like and connect with. You can also pick up a project that gives you a lot of energy. Start the day on the right foot and challenge yourself to focus on the good things. Most importantly: enjoy your challenge!

And be surprised where your new focus will lead you!


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Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash