Expat life

It seems so beautiful and adventurous when you get the chance to continue your successful career in the Netherlands. As a former expat, I know that it is not always as nice as it seems. Far away from your family and friends. Trying to get everything done on your own is harder than you think. And it’s not exactly fun either.

You know you are successful, but you also feel a lot of pressure. They didn’t bring you all the way to the Netherlands for your qualities and skills for nothing. Now you must live up to it.

Imposter syndrome then lies in wait. Once you give in to the pressure, your performance gradually decreases. You start to doubt yourself more and more and this insecurity then gets in the way of you performing your job. A very annoying downward spiral, but luckily it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Because I have two very effective methods to break through that spiral. A quick and very efficient fix and a long-term method.

  1. Powersession: Unlock your Success
  2. Expat Career Coaching

Unlock your Success is a highly effective power session! We only need 1 session to discuss your goal and map out your path together. Afterwards you will receive a personal audio to listen to at home for 14 days. Unlock your Success is a highly effective session in which you imprint your desired goal in your brain. You will see your self-confidence grow and discover that your future self is already cheering you on: You can do it, your expat career will be a success!

The Expat Career Coaching programme is a 6-month programme. We go through the 6 modules of positive psychology together in 12 one-on-one sessions. We tackle your insecurities and turn them into a positive outlook on your future. The Unlock your Success power session is also part of the Expat Career Coaching programme.

You don’t have to do it alone! Together, we make sure you know what your path is, what your qualities are and how you can make your expat career and your time in the Netherlands or abroad a success! Feel free to make a free appointment to discuss this together.


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 Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash