Thriving across Borders

-for ambitious female expats

Empowering you to Succeed in your International Career

You are not alone!

You know you are successful, but you feel a lot of pressure. They didn’t bring you all the way to the Netherlands for your qualities and skills for nothing. Now you must live up to it. You doubt more and more whether you can. Whether you are really as good as they think you are.


RTT coaching conversation

You’re no longer sure of your skills and you’re looking for help?


Regain your confidence

Identify your qualities

Rely on yourself again

Els Bosma, Female Leadership Executive Coaching

You have already shown that you are successful.

It seems so beautiful and adventurous when you get the chance to continue your successful career in the Netherlands. As a former expat, I know that it is not always as nice as it seems. Far away from your family and friends. Trying to get everything done on your own is harder than you think. And it’s not exactly fun either.

With my coaching programme for expats, you get exactly the help you need. Together, we will ensure that you get the most out of yourself. You say goodbye to self-doubt and before you know it you recognise yourself again. You will learn how to use your feminine leadership and how to successfully continue your career in the Netherlands.



Thriving across Borders

-for all ambitious female expats!

Deep Dive kick-off session to explore your True Goals
12 sessions Thriving across Borders Coaching to get all the tools and techniques you need for your career
6 one-on-one coaching sessions focussing fully on your career
Powersession Rapid Reset to boost your progress
Unlimited email support between the sessions
Worksheets to assist every step of your journey
Bonus on demand Positive Psychology exercises
Bonus: Create Career Confidence d-i-y online course

A real boost in your International  Career

At Thriving across Borders we focus on the positive in your life. It’s not that we ignore the negative, but we make sure it no longer obstructs you. By shifting your focus from what you can’t do to what you can do, you regain your self-confidence and learn to use your power to successfully take the next step in your career. In 6 modules, I take you on a journey where you will rediscover yourself in a very practical and positive way. You will shine again and dare to take the lead.

Rapid Reset session is a real power session! We only need 1 session to discuss your goal and map out your path together. It is a session of about 60 minutes with a surprising outcome. Afterwards you will receive a personal audio to listen to at home for 14 days. Unlock your Success is a highly effective session in which you imprint your desired goal in your brain. This is the only way to remain convinced of your path and keep the confidence to walk it. And the best part is, your future self is cheering you on.

The Thriving across Borders Coaching takes 6 months. You will be working intensively so that in this half year you will be able to deal with your insecurity. For this we start with a pre-consultation via Zoom. In this half-hour consultation, we discuss the problems you are experiencing. We also discuss what you want to achieve. Then we plan the first coaching session. You can come to my practice in Amsterdam, but if you live far away, this is also possible via Zoom. Each session typically lasts 45-60 minutes. And some sessions are a bit longer. 

You are well aware of your strengths!

You’re excited and motivated to do your job!

You’re confident of reaching your goal!

Here are clients who now Thrive Across Borders

Curious about how they have experienced this coaching?

I have learnt a lot from Els. Very fundamental things, like loving myself and being proud of what I have achieved. But also practical things, such as yoga exercises to prepare for a job interview so that I went into it full of confidence. She taught me mnemonic tricks that allowed me to feel stronger again in weak moments. We also discussed the job interviews together. That helped me a lot. And to my great surprise, I was hired for three jobs.


The Netherlands

Els made me see I was stronger than I originally thought. Because of her, I’m convinced of my potential and expertise I have to offer. Els is a versatile and experienced leadership coach. She always knows how to level with you, because she will find a way to connect; personally, professionally or spiritually. She has a kind of boldness and courage because of her own experiences as a female leader. She has the full package.


The UK

During our programme I set myself 3 goals and I have already realised 2 of them The beauty of the programme is that Els not only deals with your physical and mental constitution, but also what you want to change in your private life and in your career. I am 100% convinced of her methods. Give it time, keep listening to the audio recordings and it really works. Believe me, but more important: Believe Els!



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