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Els made me see the steps along the way to my ultimate goal

Alison, UK

Not knowing what to expect, I went in with no expectations. I had absolute trust in Els as a coach and wanted to get the best from our time together. She made me think about the vision for my own future. Not ignoring where I had come from and accepting the decisions I had made in the past.

In our first session, we talked about my future wants and desires. Els made me see the steps along the way to my ultimate goal. She built a solid visualization tool for me using my words. The personal recording has proven influential in imprinting this vision and gaining more and more confidence that I’m not thinking ‘if’ it will happen, but rather ‘when’. Listening to that every day for 14 days strengthened my self-knowledge. I was on the right path and didn’t want to gravitate back to how I had been feeling.  I do not tend to think of myself as a visual learner, but this session has developed the visualization of my future reality!



 If you are balanced, you can take on the whole world

Anne, The Netherlands

After 34 years of employment, my employer declared me redundant. At first, I couldn’t understand it. I had given my heart and soul, and suddenly I was no longer needed. I felt like I was being ditched. I was almost 60, and now I had to apply for a job again. For my husband, it had become clear two years before that he was not going to keep up his physically demanding work for long. It was better for his health and well-being to retire early. Therefore, it was more important than ever for me to have a job.

A former colleague recommended Els Bosma to me. Els and I clicked immediately, but what appealed to me most was that she coaches ambitious women to progress in their careers. That was exactly what I needed help with. As a woman in IT for the past 34 years, I have experienced how hard you have to fight. I wanted to regain the self-confidence to fight my way back into the job market.

I followed Setting up for Succes Program with Els, and it was a real revelation. I had no idea that what I had been through in my youth still had such an impact on my life. The listening exercises helped me deal with this and slowly gave me back my self-confidence. I also decided to take the 6-month coaching programme with Els. She taught me mnemonics that allowed me to feel stronger again at weak moments. If you are in balance, you can take on the whole world. I learned a lot from Els. Very fundamental things, like loving myself and being proud of what I have achieved. But also practical things, such as yoga exercises to prepare for a job interview so that I went into the interview full of confidence. We also discussed the job interviews together. That helped me a lot. And to my great surprise, I was hired for three jobs. I was able to choose! Do you know what is so nice? As a child, I wanted to become a paediatrician, but at our house back home, studying was not an option. In my new job, I wear a white coat every day. I am not a doctor, I am responsible for ICT, but secretly I really like that white coat.

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She always knows how to level with you, because she will find a way to connect

Diana, Romania

I was working in a male-dominated environment managing mainly men. I was in search of a leadership coach, a mentor who would help me empower myself as a female leader surrounded by men. I wanted to learn how to be myself and to stay close to myself in performing my job. Via LinkedIn I found Els Bosma and after a ‘discovery’ call, I enthusiastically signed up for her positive psychology coaching programme

Els made me see I was stronger than I originally thought. Because of her, I’m convinced of my potential and expertise I have to offer. Els is a versatile and experienced leadership coach. She always knows how to level with you, because she will find a way to connect; personally, professionally or spiritually. She has a kind of boldness and courage because of her own experiences as a female leader. She has the full package.

During her coaching sessions, we worked as a team. She knew how to extract the right information from me, and she guided me through all exercises. I loved the fact she mixes different approaches. She is using frameworks, mini-programmes and meditation. Her positive psychology programme empowered me and Els coached me into a confident female leader.


Believe in Els

Gabriella, Majorca

Before I met Els, my life was, to put it mildly, turbulent, and that is an understatement I can tell you. A series of dreadful events happened in my life within a short period of time. To mention one; I had to identify my husband after a tragic plane crash and not much later, while I was still grieving and trying to cope with my loss, I myself became paralysed because I broke my skull after an unfortunate slip. Unable to work, one thing led to another. I lost my job, my home, my existence and my dreams. I am the living example of how far you can get with willpower. But even I got to a point where I couldn’t manage on my own anymore. This is when I got in touch with Els and I was immediately impressed by her.

What I like about Els is that she is not vague or woolly. She is very hands-on. She takes you by the hand in structuring your thoughts. She helps you to set priorities in your development. She is also very approachable, and you can always contact her with questions, even outside the sessions. Els is a true guide who accompanies you during the whole journey and not only that one hour of sessions.

During her Thriving Across Borders programme I set myself 3 goals, and I have already realised 2 of them. Concrete goals that I want to reach in life. I have managed to set up my own business, which is right away doing very well. I have found a new life partner, and we are a perfect match. The beauty of her coaching is that Els not only deals with your physical and mental constitution but also what you want to change in your private life and in your career. I am 100% convinced of her methods. Give it time, keep listening to the audio recordings, and it really works. Believe me, but more importantly: Believe Els!


I’m going to be listening to this for a long time

Harriet, UK

I have experienced a RTT session and I can say: it is genuinely helping!

I can feel the effects of it imprinting on my brain and I really like the idea that my future self will look back and thank me now for getting through this tough time. I must say, I also like the idea that I’m already one step along this journey, now is not the past, so it is possible.

The audio recording is so powerful, it’s like narrative therapy, I think. It’s so effective because Els uses my own words and metaphors. I listen to it in the car often and it’s like driving along with my own personal cheerleader. It’s made me feel calmer and more confident which is what I needed. Something that is quite simple, but which has such an impact. I’m going to be listening to this for a long time.


I feel strengthened by my future self that encourages me to continue

Marieke, The Netherlands

I was on the eve of my career as an independent professional. I had worked hard for years as a co-owner of a company. This did not make me happy, and I changed course. But I felt insecure, can I live up to it? I gave up my best-paid job ever and threw all my certainties overboard. I had stepped completely out of my comfort zone and no longer felt the ground beneath my feet. I knew what I wanted and why, but it was overshadowed by insecurity.

Els Bosma gave me clarity. I knew which path I wanted to follow, but I needed the self-confidence to be able to do it. During our time together we made the path clear. With intermediate steps towards my goal, but also with what had happened in the past that had brought me to this point. I faithfully listened to the audio I was given at home for 14 days. During those days, the effect became clear to me. The realisation that my future self is already encouraging me gave me the inner strength I needed. Now, when I feel insecure again, I think of this. Then I feel strengthened by the old self that brought me here and my future self that encourages me to continue my path.



This works for everybodye, even for those who are super busy.


Before I contacted Els Bosma, I wasn’t sure anyone would be able to understand the depth of my confusion. I desperately needed help with clarity. I remained hopeful, but was I able to express my feelings? Els Bosma really got what I was saying. The caring she showed was palpable, which meant a lot.

The power session with Els made me stop looking at myself as a failure. Imagining my future me encouraging myself, gave me the confidence and motivation I need to go forward. I feel internally supported and have had a complete energy shift from feeling like a victim of my circumstances to anything but. The completion of an internal part of myself merging to being one, has been like a missing part of a jigsaw puzzle in my soul slotting in place. There are no words to describe the intensity of what all of this means to me; I feel like I have been given permission to accept all my versions and given the seal of approval.


To deal better with disagreement

Annemarie, Haarlem

The sessions with Els were an interesting experience. I had expected that it might be difficult for me to let go of old painful beliefs and that I would not easily give up control. But it was really easy. I was very concentrated, aware, and close to my feelings from the past. The sessions made me realize why I have a complex relationship with disagreement. On the one hand, I can easily disagree with people, and on the other hand, under certain circumstances, it makes me feel very unsafe.  The sessions made me more aware of how I can handle things differently, and that will help me with my work. 


The feeling that I am someone who has a voice!

Roos, Antwerp

In the past I have tried several things (EMDR, regular therapy, relaxation, …) but nothing really helped me. I heard about Marisa Peer and her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and was immediately interested. The biggest doubt for me was the price tag, but the fact that I could pay it in installments made it possible for me! (Thank you Els;).

I immediately felt at ease with Els and had a feeling of “coming home” with her. Her positive approach and energy, her persuasiveness and confidence in the entire process she had, also gave me confidence in the process. During the session a lot of emotion came out of me which I had not really experienced with any other kind of sessions. It really brought me to the deepest of my emotions. It felt really good to be able to let this all out! The Setting up For Success program has brought me peace in myself, I can hardly describe this. In the beginning I didn’t really feel that anything was changing but I became aware of the actual major steps I’ve taken during evaluation session.

I have found my inner peace, something I had never experienced before. The feeling that I am someone who has a voice, that I am worthy and that I dare to stand up for myself for the first time. Without a doubt I recommend Els to others! Els is a warm, positive and strong woman. She does her job with passion and you notice that too! This Program definitely made my trips to Amsterdam worthwhile!

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