Start – before you are ready: how do the rules of your mind work to get you over the first hurdle? The founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa Peer, has shown us that your mind must act in a way that you talk to yourself. So if you encourage yourself to ‘just do it’ … then you just do it! This mind hack helps you get started, even if you don’t feel ready for it!

Don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect to begin, beginning is making the conditions perfect! This is what A. Cohen always says. So, here I am, beginning to make my conditions perfect. Writing my first blog. A huge step for me, as I’ve never written anything that I would send out to the world for anybody to read. Cause why would anybody read anything I’ve written? That would be my old thought pattern. But boy, have I changed. I’ve a lot to say!  Starting with: the process of starting! Did you know that ‘waiting for the conditions to be perfect’ is the most used excuse for not starting?

We all know the saying “doers do, talkers make excuses”. And apparently we are in the age of talkers, not of doers. We are surrounded by it – just have a quick look on the social media circus, and you see/read/hear a lot of talkers. We are part of it – when was the last time you just did anything and didn’t talk about it first – endlessly? Yep: the sad truth is that we are all very skilled procrastinators. This is a sad conclusion, but luckily, there is a way out. Look at me. Not having any of my conditions right (my website isn’t yet ready to posts blogs; my Facebook page isn’t set up for my business yet; I haven’t set up a system yet to receive any email addresses of those who would like to follow any of my next blogs..). Yet, I’m starting. Cause by writing this blog, I’m creating the circumstance to have a reason to get all my ducks in a row. To get all the ingredients right for posting all my future blogs, to share it with you all. Starting with this one! So how did I breakthrough my circle of thought “I’m not ready yet”?

By simply telling myself I am going to do it anyway! Our mind always gives us what we ask for, that is its prime task (from the book ‘I’m enough’ by Marisa Peer). So when we tell ourselves that we are not ready, that the circumstances aren’t ideal, our mind gives us back a million and one behaviours that proofs that indeed we are not ready. But, and here is the key thing: if you tell yourself, “I don’t care that I’m not ready, I’ll do it anyway”: then there is simply no reason to procrastinate anymore. And lo and behold: you’ll find yourself starting whatever you were postponing.  Say it out loud and say it proud: “I don’t care that I’m not ready, I’ll do it anyway!” It has a bit of rebellious ring to it, doesn’t it? “I’ll do it anyway!” And the little rebel we all have inside of us, is suddenly woken by this statement. Rears its head that has been asleep for quite some time. Most likely since your childhood. But now it is time to re-instate the little rebel inside you. To set this one on a pedestal. Honour its existence! Celebrate its existence! Enjoy its existence. And your own little rebel will give you lots of good stuff back. Cherish your inner rebel, cause be honest with yourself:  when was the last time you actually did anything adventurous without almost talking yourself out of it first?