Your stomach ache can lead you to your strengths  

Do you truly know your strengths? I’m asking this question because I’ve met a number of clients who thought they could easily pinpoint their strengths. However, when we started digging deeper, we in fact discovered the complete opposite.

A client once told me that she is horrible at confrontation. I had worked with her for quite a while and got the chance to know her well. After some time I realized that she is actually brilliant at confrontation; the reason for that is simple: she hates confrontation so much that she’ll do anything to avoid it.

As we explored this topic further, we realized it is not actually the confrontation she hates and tries to avoid, but instead what she actually dislikes is the conflict that comes with it. Opposing opinions she doesn’t mind, but having a conflict about it is what gets her down, so she does everything she can to avoid it.

By avoiding conflict, she figured out ways to bring people together. To me, she is the number one person I would send into any confrontational situation because she has this unique talent to deflate the situation.

There is a reason why she developed this talent. The situation that caused her to totally avoid conflict eventually made her brilliant at managing it. She further developed mechanisms to deal with those situations in a way that would ultimately make her stomach ache disappear, turning the thing that instilled dread into a strength.

Here’s my question to you:

What gives you a stomach ache? What makes you flinch and want to avoid it at all costs?

Once you have the answer, start investigating! Doing so will actually help you discover one or more of your true strengths.

Your strengths are the aspects that differentiate you from others. The client I mentioned in this blog post used her strength to handle conflict and confrontation, especially useful in today’s polarized society.  When she intervenes in any situation with two conflicting parties, she helps both parties to understand one another. Now, that is her real strength!

What is yours?

What is that thing that makes you cringe? That thing could potentially lead you to discover a hidden strength. Do you want to talk more about this? Book a Discovery Call. You can read more about me here.

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash